How to cure erectile dysfunction?

How to cure erectile dysfunction?

In the structure of sexual disorders in men, erectile dysfunction occupies a leading place both in terms of its frequency of occurrence and its social significance. Although it does not threaten human life, it should by no means be considered a trivial problem. The results of recent studies strongly suggest that sexual activity is an integral element of the concept of “quality of life. It is believed that sexual function weakens over time. However, every man can have a quality sex life at 50 or 60 years old.

Erectile dysfunction and its treatment

The sexual relationship between a man and a woman is the cornerstone, the key to the strength of any family. It should be remembered that female sexuality depends directly on the male desire. In other words, to manifest the sexuality of women, her desire must be awakened. At the same time, very often a man with erectile dysfunction under various pretexts refuses intimacy – he comes home later, goes to bed earlier, provokes a scandal to avoid intimacy. This brings discord in family life. Although there is a way out!

The role of the pharmacist – to emphasize not only men but also women who go to the pharmacy for advice, that thanks to modern medicines, which you can find on the website, you can achieve harmony in sexual life. If a man is overly excited and afraid to disrupt the long-awaited romantic encounter, he can back it up. The drug can be used to prevent the syndrome of expectation of failure. That is, a man can pay more attention to building a relationship rather than to his complexes.

It is necessary to mention the importance of correct taking of this preparation. After taking the medication, in 30 minutes, if there is appropriate erotic stimulation, the man naturally begins to have an erection. This time interval depends on the characteristics of the body and on what kind of food the patient ate before taking it. Fatty foods and alcohol slow down the absorption of the drug and its entry into the bloodstream. But it does not influence the general level of drug concentration in blood. Therefore, if a man has taken the drug after a meal, it will take a longer time before it starts to work, but its effectiveness will not decrease.

Such drugs can help patients with erectile dysfunction to get rid of their disease and once again feel the fullness and joy of life.

According to the results of the MALES survey (The Men’s Attitudes to Life Events and Sexuality), among patients with erectile dysfunction who have not used phosphodiesterase inhibitors type 5 or have used them only once, the cost is a deterrent in 31% of cases. Among patients who discontinued therapy with a type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor, the answer “too expensive” was given by 29% of those interviewed. Thus, approximately one-third of patients who could get rid of erectile dysfunction with effective means do not receive treatment because of the high price of the drug. If you want to buy such medications at an affordable price, visit