CS GO: How to play on the Middle in Mirage

CS GO: How to play on the Middle in Mirage

You probably already know why Mirage is so popular. Based on these data, we developed a special Young Scout survival course on the de_mirage map. It is also worth noting that you can find many interesting things on https://csgo.net/faq.


Today we will analyze the standard actions of an attack in the center. A Careless Scout is a Dead Scout! Inexperienced fighters in the middle completely forget about the fact that the window can lurk and merge with the terrain enemy type “elephant”. He is also called AWP. Elephant – an aggressive and dangerous animal, his task is to show who is the owner of the area. To successfully resist elephants, use several rules:

  1. Remember that cast on the middle flash is not a hundred percent chance to blind the enemy in the window.
  2. The second rule follows from the first: work with timings. Even if the flash will deprive the enemy of sight, it will still shoot, in the hope of eliminating the rival. Do not run immediately after the thrown light grenade, wait a few moments.
  3. Do not take any chances. Use the standard smoke grenades to run from the “start” position to the boxes in the center, from where you can easily reconnoitre and control the territory.

The famous “Smoke on Start” that anyone, even a Beginner Scout, knows about is a very useful skill. It is important to remember that this is not just a method to close the window. This grenade must also be used competently. First, the wrong smoke will lead to an instant loss of the Careless Scout, who trusted his teammates and tried to run behind the boxes. To avoid this, pay attention to some points and take into account a couple of factors.

A literate smoke in this position must have a small clearance on the right. This will allow one of the bravest scouts to control the possible attack of an enemy with “short”. After that he can break through the line of defense of the enemy and with a victorious howl kill someone in the connector or window (or fly away himself). If the line is solid, leaving him in this position is an unjustified risk. If an animal of the “elephant” class is in your command and has a neighbor in the middle, then you should consult with him before throwing smoke at the start. Perhaps he wants to try to mark the territory in the middle by taking off his opponent in the window. If your smoke falls before his sight, you will hear a lot about yourself and your skills in the game.

Consider the economy. Chances to buy AWP after winning the pistol round from CT are too small and the risk is high. It also works for economic rounds. Smoke on the start in this case can play into the hands of the defense team, and you will be prevented from controlling your position. It’s more convenient to play aggressively and accurately shoot the enemy, rather than hide from him and close with smokes. The ideal number of scouts in an attack for the middle is 3. Everyone will be able to strain the enemy from his position and, in case of that, give a change for the Counter Terrorists.

Attention! Always follow the game chat and the situation on the map. If none of your teammates did not give smoke in the window, and it is there, then it is time to sound the alarm. Perhaps the insidious defense player has put “one way” – he sees you out of it, and you do not have it. Any suspicions? Notify other scouts! This way you will have the opportunity to seize control of the Middle and win the fight. In addition, you should study some additional details that will give you more information about the game. On the site https://csgo.net/upgrade you will have this opportunity, so try to be more careful and do everything you need to find the best solution.