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A week after perusing Walker Lamond’s “Rules for My Unborn Son,” my son struggled to fasten a shirt button and growled, “I hate committing.” This was actually a sign of progress—proof positive that he had absorbed one of the book’s miniature philosophies: “If you choose to wear a tie, commit. Button your top button.”…If my son and husband continue to take the advice to heart, this may be one book that actually has changed my life. Mr. Lamond’s advice will appeal to anyone who has observed that our culture is losing traditional standards of decorum and sensible behavior.


Cool ‘Rules’ (and Songs) for an Unborn Son

As soon as I left D.C., it seemed like 90% of my coupled friends decided to start having babies. Within the next few months, my former city will be home to many cool new parents.

Walker Lamond isn’t a friend of mine (yet, anyway), but he is another hip, D.C.-dwelling dad. Lamond started the blog 1,001 Rules For My Unborn Son for his friends and family. It quickly took off, and now he’s the author of the new book Rules For My Unborn Son (St. Martin’s Press, $14.99).


Well have I got the book for you, Pops. Anyone out there looking for a fun, helpful read to give a new dad should check out Rules for my Unborn Son…. “the ultimate instruction manual for becoming a gentleman.” Even with 212 pages filled, nary one of these quips sounds tired or cliche.

Rules for My Unborn Son gets four and half beans from The Daily Bean. And remember: Keep a copy of your letters. It makes it easier on your biographer. [Article]

DAILY CANDY: Father Knows Best

Since you gave birth, everyone from your mom to your third cousin twice removed has offered her parenting advice.

But none is so poignant — or humorous — as that in local author Walker Lamond’s new book, Rules for My Unborn Son. His tongue-in-cheek life tips speak to kids and parents alike. It’s a great gift for new dads. Tell one and all.


The Art of Manliness Podcast Interview

Welcome back to another edition of the Art of Manliness podcast. In this week’s episode we talk to Walker Lamond, author of the new book Rules for My Unborn Son. Walker’s book is based on his popular blog, 1001 Rules for My Unborn Son. We discuss the inspiration for the book, wheelie luggage, and required listening for boys. Pick up the book  from today! Full of advice both insightful and humorous, I highly recommend it. It makes a great stocking stuffer this Christmas for any man in your life, not just dads.


“A Must Read, and Must-Gift;” Blog Roundup 11/7

The book is out, and the reviews are in. Venerable style writer Julia Reed–author, former senior editor of Vogue, and the genius behind one-stop shop Taigan–shared her favorite rules on her blog Fetch. She writes “A refreshing, urbane, and often very funny guide to civilized behavior in an era when we need it most, the book is “must-read (and a must-gift…)“  Wow. Melissa Blake, a thoughtful blogger with great taste, posted an interview with me on her site So About What I said… The guys over at Gear Patrol gave us their endorsement, calling RULES a “modern primer for the classic man. BookDads gives out designer a shout-out saying the book itself is a “a beautiful artifact.” And there were more kind words from the likes of BoingBoing, the Coterie, and Unabashedly Prep, which kindly calls Rules a “book for the ages.” Well, I have to agree. Thanks bloggers!


Priceless and unavailable in any store, good manners are the ultimate luxury item. In keeping with a new Don Draper era, old-school gentleman and blogger turned author Walker Lamond has penned a timely retro-primer Rules for My Unborn Son to help the modern kid avoid being a heel.

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READER’S DIGEST: Rules to Live By

The venerable American publication READER’S DIGEST excerpted five of the RULES in their November issue, on newsstands now. I am honored.


Give Credit, take the blame.

Don’t boast about projects in progress, celebrate their completion.

Don;t throw sand, or when you;re older, mud.

Let napping dads lie.

Don;t show off, impress.

Daily Telegraph UK: ‘Rules’ will surely be a Christmas bestseller”

Lamond’s is a gentlemanly wisdom, which fathers probably handed down to their Walker Jrs in about 1950. But his blog has become such a success since its launch last year that a compilation of the rules has just been released in hardback. I reckon it’s going to be a Christmas bestseller.


“Heartbreakingly Sweet and Wise;” Blog Roundup 10/24

If it’s on the internet, it must be true! With advance copies of Rules for My Unborn Son making the rounds, discerning bloggers of all stripes came out in force this week to share their impressions. A Cup of Jo called it “heartbreakingly sweet and wise.” All Plaid Out wrote, “this tome is terrific. With its goldenrod color, its simple, perfunctory graphics, its inclusion of classic black and white photos, and its well-spaced type, it has the look and feel of an antique children’s hardback.” Hipster Collective calls the book “a revival of my favorite part of American culture,” The Scout predicts “future editions,” and  Man of the Cloth says it’s “a great read and a perfect coffee table piece.” Hey, we’ll take it!

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SKIRT: 12 Rules for My Unborn Daughter

When on a dinner date, order the steak…Let him take your coat. That’s the moment he’s been waiting for…Dance with your father. And not just on your wedding day.


VALET: Coveted by Walker Lamond

Recently, I’ve developed a weakness for hotel stationery. It’s rare enough to receive an honest to goodness letter in the mail these days. Getting one on hotel letterhead just adds to the romance. If you believe my stationery, I’m at the Hotel Ritz one day, Fontainebleau the next.


VALET: The Perfect Shirt

Variety is over-rated. In these uncertain economic times, the frugal sartorialist is well-served by a shirt for all seasons. Walker Lamond, the dapper writer behind the popular 1,001 Rules For My Unborn Son, recommends an American classic. His ode to the white cotton oxford shirt…


ASYLUM: 10 Things I Wish My Father Had Taught Me

10. How to fish
Every boy should learn how to bait a hook, cast into a shady spot, and catch a fish. My dad took me deep-sea fishing once. The captain hooked a fish and handed me the rod to reel it in. That’s not fishing, that’s shopping. The point of fishing isn’t the fish itself (unless of course, it’s how you make your living), it’s the qualities required to do it well: patience, perseverance and the ability to be quiet.

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Well Plaid

Red pants, white oxford, blue blazer, suntan. That’s the look my dad’s wearing in just about every snapshot I have found from his salad days living single and preppy in Georgetown. When pressed about it, he used to make vague references to a suspicious dry cleaning fire that left him with quite literally the clothes on his back. We should all be so lucky! Whether his slim wardrobe was a result of said fire or just a slim wallet, his ability to make do with nothing but a few high quality essentials has been a superb lesson in sartorial discipline. And it’s not a bad way to pass as a swell even when your bank account disagrees.